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I have been using Sally for many years, first as an aerialist and now as a competitive powerlifter. She has helped me heal pain and prevent more serious injuries so many times, and 100% of the people I have referred to her have been amazed and had big improvements. Literally ALL. After I was in a car accident 2 years ago, I called Sally before I even called 911. It was 2 months before my 1st meet. I injured my spine and dislocated 5 ribs and couldn’t even walk. Within 2-3 visits, she had me back under the barbell.
Since then, I have used Sally to keep my body in optimal working order for 4 powerlifting meets. She was pivotal in my ability to compete in and succeed at the Olympia in Vegas, where I set a world record deadlift in my class.

One of the most unique things she offers is a functional understanding of body movement and alignment when under athletic challenge. She has come with me to the gym and watched my deadlifts, using technology like infrared cameras and her knowledge of spinal health, to improve my form and help me harness more strength.

She is useful in the gym and also in recovery, and has been an irreplaceable and invaluable player in my athletic endeavors. I don’t know what I would do without her. I know I wouldn’t be able to lift like I do, and I might be completely sidelined with injury. 
She’s extremely educated and talented in so many forms of bodywork, anatomy and even meditation/stress relief, too.

Aimee Markwardt

Sally is hands-down the best clinical massage therapist I have ever encountered. Her skills, knowledge, and kindness have helped alleviate my pain from spinal fracture injuries and the chronic symptoms of scoliosis. Having been treated for these issues for many years, I have worked with several professionals in a couple of states. Sally is simply the best.


Fitbak Systems is the perfect place to go for a professional, clinical massage from people who are highly trained in bodywork and skilled in the art of human compassion. I can’t recommend them enough!

Annie B

"Sally changed my life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she saved my life with her extensive knowledge of the human body and exceptional warmth and compassion. I first started seeing Sally after I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. Sally’s bodywork, including massage and reflexology, along with her spot on dietary recommendations helped me not only recover from the onset of the illness but become healthier and stronger than ever before. I value Sally more than words can say, and I adore her as one of the kindest, most generous human beings I know.” 


Helen T

I just want to thank you for sending me the 3 videos of simple exercises to begin to heal my lower back pain! Before you sent me these I had no idea what was going on with this pain and where it came from. It’s been a little over a week now and in just 8 days of doing these exercises I’m already seeing results where there was none before. In fact I’m also sleeping better and for some reason I have more energy. As I explained to you before I was in so much pain I just sat on the couch with 2 Lidocaine patches on my back and feeling very depressed too. It’s amazing how I feel now. My depression has been almost eliminated and WITHOUT taking any drugs. I’ve since returned to my daily work schedule and am making progress now, in fact I’m thinking of returning to my morning walks that I stopped 18 months ago. I can now stand and walk without my left leg and foot going numb, that’s a relief that no one can imagine!

I must tell you about “the use of your eyes” in the Cervical Range of Motion exercise! At first I thought it was silly but I found out after a few days that my body followed each and every level of movement in each step, I could feel my neck mussels moving like I’ve never felt before! The Modified Thoracic Extension exercise is also simple and effective in ways I can’t describe.

Lastly, the Neutral Spine exercise I find to be helping too but I’m still waiting for pain in my arm to get better, I’m sure it will in time, I’m just so out of shape but that’s because I haven’t exercised in over a year. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’ve had lots of input from my friends on what to do from acupuncture to surgery but so happy that I found you! I’ll keep you posted as my progress in the future!

Thanks again!

Greg . NJ

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