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Fitbak Athlete

Fitbak gives you solutions to ease your pain and increase mental focus anywhere, anytime.

Top shelf Fitbak. Only for the serious.


Optimize your training and performance so you come back bigger and stronger from each set while experiencing huge reductions in post workout tenderness (DOMS). This is possible through optimizing spinal stability and neurological function during your workouts. 


This product combines:

  • Fitbak Home Online 6-week program as a prerequisite 

  • Virtual intake and coaching prior to in-person-intensive

  • Soft tissue and spinal assessments and treatments

  • 2-day intensive in-person training with founder Sally Lewien 

  • Thermal imaging to identify muscle imbalances and soft tissue inflammation

  • Personalized Fitbak Athlete training program 

  • Ability to add in as much virtual support as you need for a successful implementation 

  • A Lifetime subscription to Fitbak Systems content library 

  • A Lifetime access to the Fitbak App

  • Starting at $7000 customized packages available.

Reach athletic goals you never thought were possible.

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