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Soft tissue Lymphatic and Spine treatments.

Hands on application of the Fitbak System, Lymphatics as well as calming treatments for the nervous systems, designed to get you back to #Lesspainmoreliving

Clinical Massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and Spinal Reflex Therapy combine in the personalized treatments you will receive through Rocky Mountain Clinical Massage powered Fitbak Systems.

Sally Gilbert-Lewien has been treating people in pain for the past 16 years. In that time she has developed a highly effective personalized treatment approach that is grounded in science and functional outcomes. Treating the physical body and nervous system combined allows for a deeper release of pain and dysfunction and a quicker path to healing.

Once your treatment is complete, your therapist will educate you how to continue the work at home so you can, ultimately, create the strength and stability necessary to eliminate the pain and minimize the need for office visits.

Package options are available

We decrease the pain and tension in the physical body using massage and other soft tissue techniques, while easing the nervous system, facilitating homeostasis and balance within the body.

"I have been using Sally for many years, first as an aerialist and now as a competitive power lifter. She has helped me heal pain and prevent more serious injuries so many times, and 100% of the people I have referred to her have been amazed and had big improvements.​"

Aimee Markwardt

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