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Fitbak Power Partners :

Fitbak Power Partners is an affiliate program that simply pays you for your sales, with no teams to build or products to stock. This online health and wellness program is a win win. This revenue system is available to Fitbak Clients. Once you have purchased and completed a Fitbak program we would love you to help spread the word and empower others to find pain relief and live fuller healthier lives.

We greatly appreciate your partnership and you will be compensated for every program you sell.

If like us , when you dive in and learn all the wonderful benefits of Fitbak, you decide to dive deeper with your Fitbak practice your compensation will increase with each level of education.

  • Enroll for your 90 minute online Fitbak Office Program

  • Check and confirm your email from

  • Read and watch your Welcome package

  • Complete and implement your Fitbak Office education. Practice, Practice, Practice.

  • Schedule your free 30minute coaching consult with our Fitbak Team.

  • Download your files and plug in your media and marketing kits.

  • Lets get to the mission #Lesspainmoreliving

  • Send ANY questions to

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